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World Port Center, Hotel New York and Montevideo, Rotterdam

World Port Center, Hotel New York and Montevideo

The World Port Center of architect Norman Foster is located between the Holland Amerikakade and the Wilhelminakade on the northside of the Wilhelminapier. The tower is the home of, among others, the Port of Rotterdam Authority (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.). The World Port Center is 124 meters in height and was completed in 2001.

Housing block Montevideo is a residential tower, 139,5 meters in height, of architect Francine Houben (Mecanoo Architecten) on the Otto Reuchlinweg on the westside of the Wilhelminapier. The Montevideo was completed in 2006.

Hotel New York, the former headquarters of the Holland-Amerika Lijn (HAL) transatlantic shipping company, was designed by architects J. Müller, C.M. Droogleever Fortuyn and C.B. van der Tak. The building was completed in 1920. Since 1992 the building is used as a hotel and a restaurant. Recently, after a 36 years absence, the HAL returned to the Wilhelminapier. On 28 February 2007 the HAL opened an office in the above mentioned Montevideo tower, which 'will eventually house approximately 30 Holland America Line staff members, responsible for shipboard hiring, purchasing, and sales and marketing'.

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